Breathing and Healing

Some people fear their own breath. And some people fear their own Life Force, especially when it flows in their body physiologically in a powerful way. Fear causes constriction and tension. Intense tension, we call pain. The physical manifestation of this fear during breathing sessions is called tetany. It is possible to develop a fear of tetany.

It is common for some people to have some tetany in one to three breathing sessions. A few personalities who have chronic fear from birth trauma or other experiences may be troubled by tetany during more than three sessions. The paradox is that people who are openly fearful or even panaphobic, usually don�t have much trouble with tetany. It is the people who have their fear totally suppressed and don�t believe they have any fear that have trouble with tetany.

Tetany is a cramping or paralysis of the fingers or other extremities that normally disappears after a few more minutes of connected breathing. It is valuable to know about it before your first connected breathing session so that you are not surprised by it and can more easily breathe it away.

You cannot have tetany and relaxation at the same time. If you continue the connected breathing, deeper relaxation occurs because every inhale and every exhale automatically induces relaxation. Efficient breathing releases tension and pain from the body.

After teaching over 10 million people to breathe energy as well as air, breathing teachers have observed that tetany is a natural symptom of inhibited breathing which clears up naturally when people learn to breathe energy and overcome their fear of body sensations caused by being more alive and relaxed.

Relaxed intuitive breathing is the cure for hyperventilation and all its symptoms.

Intuitive Breathing (Rebirthing) routinely heals asthma, migraines, epilepsy, the common cold and many other diseases - too many to list. The most important value of Intuitive Breathing is healing the tension and pain we collect in everyday life. I sometimes call this tension emotional energy pollution. We have a natural tendency to absorb emotional energy pollution as we relate to people in our civilized world.

The stresses, strains, and traumas of ordinary daily existence in the process of working and living tend to inhibit our breathing ability.

Learning Intuitive Breathing or Rebirthing is the best thing we can do for ourselves. This ability dramatically improves our happiness, health, and success.

Intuitive Breathing is a self healing skill that we can use everyday to renew mind and body with fresh life energy and heal various diseases. Breathing is the basic power of the body and mind in the physical universe. It obviously helps in the healing of everything.

Tony and George are Upstate New Yorkers who have recently become good friends of mine because they both had severe back pain for years that put them out of work and into poverty. They used braces to walk and even sit, everyday. They tried every approach to healing the pain - nothing brought more than temporary relief until they tried Rebirthing - Intuitive Breathing. Each session released big chunks of pain. By the time they finished ten sessions they were new men. They are now experts at managing and healing pain through connected breathing. They both have become breathing teachers so they can heal others.

Asthma, epilepsy, and migraine headaches usually disappear during the first ten sessions with a similar pattern of healing.

Migraine sufferers usually have headaches that occur from once per month to once per week. During an Intuitive Breathing session a headache may start in the middle of the session. As they continue breathing, they begin to notice that they can breathe away the pain. By the end of the session the pain is gone. This one experience breaks their fear of migraines because they have learned that they can breathe away the pain. Now each time the pain recurs, they lay down and breathe it away. Sooner or later, the migraines no longer recur.

Rebirthers have been watching migraine sufferers heal their headaches patterns for over 23 years. We have watched tens of thousands of people heal themselves with Rebirthing breathing.

Several students who healed their migraine pattern remembered experiencing deprivation of oxygen at birth. It seems to be this aspect of birth trauma that causes severe headaches later in life.

It is still standard practice to cut the umbilical cord within ten minutes after the baby exits the womb. My experience is that it takes babies about 2 hours to adjust to breathing air after birth in a relaxed way. It is best to leave the placenta attached and kept slightly higher than the baby for 2 hours before cutting the cord to prevent migraine headaches and other health problems later in life.

Asthma is often healed in the same way during a breathing session. If an asthma attack occurs during a session and the breathing teacher can guide the "victim�s" breathing through the attack, the victim can sooner or later heal attacks by themselves and eventually they no longer recur.

Asthma seems to be caused by severe birth trauma and is often accompanied with a suicide urge.

The baby thinks in preverbal language, "I don�t like the way I am being treated, I�ll hold my breath and die. Then you will be sorry for the way you are treating me."

It is helpful to give students with asthma some physical immortality philosophy, other tools, or at least an awareness that they might feel suicidal during the time of their healing.

Epilepsy is called the divine disease because usually in the beginning of the disease during seizures, the "victim" has religious visions. But the victims become afraid of talking about their out of body experiences because they fear being ridiculed. This fear is an additional factor that causes the out of control seizures to occur.

Epilepsy "victims", in fact, may be suppressed prophets or visionaries that could be community heroes instead of feared.

When a seizure occurs in the middle of a breathing session, the student sooner or later can breathe away the spasms without losing control or consciousness. Then they can have even better visions in a relaxed body without dangerous out of control seizures.

Energy breathing has healed many heart attacks, but they will continue as long as people eat meat and other high cholesterol foods.

The benefits of spiritual breathing can be overwhelmed by poor diet and an undisciplined lifestyle.

Conscious energy breathing is essential for self healing, but it is only one tool and must be supplemented with good diet, regular fasting, exercise, daily bathing, fire purification, and wholesome thoughts, feelings, and philosophy or religion.

The common cold takes longer to heal with conscious breathing. The millions of students of Intuitive Energy Breathing have reported that they had fewer and shorter colds their first year of practicing conscious breathing. They also reported that after 2 or 3 years of learning Intuitive Breathing that they had their first coldless year.

I personally have gone as long as ten years without any cold symptoms. Rebirthing seems to be the only reliable cure for the common cold because it is the only thing that cures the cause - birth trauma. Cold symptoms are birth memories stuck in your body. When you release those "body memories", the common cold disappears.

Rebirthing breathing has a role to play in healing almost every disease because breathing is fundamental to human existence. I could relate thousands cases of healing and list the hundreds of diseases that have been healed but it is useless because other people�s healing don�t do you any good until healing happens to you.

You find it difficult to imagine yourself healed until it happens. Then it is easy. In fact, it is amazing to me how fast people forget their diseases when they are past.

Learning to breathe from the Breath Itself is an invisible ability. It can be demonstrated, but only people who have experienced it can perceive and feel the inner spiritual power.

Most people learn Intuitive Breathing because a friend they trust recommended it. Intuitive Breathing cannot be communicated through words. It is often counterproductive to talk about it. People can only know what it is by breathing energy intuitively. And it takes more than one session to experience its full power. But most people consciously have an experience of learning to breathe from the Breath Itself between their fifth and tenth sessions.

It would be best if Rebirthers were paid by the government or the church or the school system so everyone could learn to breathe for free. However in a democracy this is unlikely to happen until the majority of the voters in a community have already learned it. All government health workers for example should be required to breathe and be trained as breathing teachers. So far, Sweden is the only country where the government subsidizes the training of Rebirthers - Intuitive Breathing teachers.

I have completed three pilot projects of teaching Intuitive Breathing in the public schools. However, I have yet to receive enough funding to pay the salary of a full time breathing teacher to sell breathing to a school system. It just has to be sold to the bureaucracy. This takes a lot of man hours. Someone has to pay for it.

I did a pilot project with high schoolers, junior high schoolers, and first graders. The principles and teachers were amazed at how easy and noncontroversial the projects were. However, these principles and teachers didn�t have the time or motivation to sell the practice to their school systems.

I�ve tried to sell rebirthing to the churches but dogma and self righteousness is a prison that protects dying religions from new ideas. They are afraid! They are afraid of the real rebirth that Jesus talked about.

A few hundred ministers - some in fundamentalist churches, but most in metaphysical churches, have become Rebirthers, but many have learned that it is useless to talk about it.

Some are called by God. They say that Intuitive Breathing is the true work of the Spirit of God.

From my perspective, the ten million people that were attracted to spiritual breathing didn�t need any persuasion. For them it was the natural thing to learn and they are glad they learned it. Most people who have learned it practice it regularly because it makes living more pleasurable. But many have forgotten that they have the ability and allowed themselves to be gobbled up by the world until they get serious diseases; then they remember!

To me all true spiritual disciplines are fun and pleasurable. I enjoy feeling God�s divine energy everyday as I breathe in my bathtub. And I enjoy starting everyday filled with peace and fresh life energy.

I couldn�t maintain my current level of health and success without Intuitive Breathing.

by Leonard Orr


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