How To Cleanse And Clear Your Aura

The self healing system that I am going to present to you involves working with practises and techniques that embrace the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth to purify your energy body, or aura. As well as being therapeutic they are relaxing and fun, I have been using them daily for seven years. They are important because every day most of us experience some degree of stress or tension in our lives, we also pick up what I call “energy pollution� from our interaction with the world and our reaction to it. Bad vibes, negative energies from people or places, shocks, traumas and indeed every time we get angry or upset all have their impact. Particularly if you a “sensitive person�, which those of us interested in mind, body and soul matters tend to be, this psychic debris can accumulate and get stuck in our aura. This effects our ability to function at optimum levels and can lead to ill-health. There are ways, of course, to minimise the accumulation of this heavy energy pollution , wearing certain crystals, such as kyanite or pyrite for example. However unless you live in isolation to the material world it is hard to become completely immune to their influence. Therefore we have to keep clearing it out if we are to stay healthy and happy.

When you are in close proximity to other people emotional energy is exchanged as the layers of the auras interpenetrate one another. Crowded, cramped places such as aeroplanes can be soups of concentrated energy pollution. Although airline personal have it tough, the most susceptible profession is probably working in a nursing home. Indeed anybody working in the caring professions needs to be aware of emotional energy pollution. I should point out that there is a positive side to emotional energy exchange. Friends and lovers can make us feel unbelievably happy without our minds ever noticing the cause and effect relationship.

Nevertheless as a fulltime complementary therapist I sometimes feel like a psychic vacuum cleaner!! The following techniques help me empty my hoover bag enabling me to stay energised, balanced and clear and allow me to effectively channel healing energy.


Although I practise a variety of therapies my personal passion is Breathwork. A principal aspect of this is learning how to breathe air and energy , or “prana� as it is called in yoga. There are many different breathwork techniques, one of my favourites is “alternate nostril breathing�. A couple of minutes practising this every day cleanses and vitalises the energy body very effectively. The principal “ prana “ receptors, called “nadis� in Sansrit (the ancient language of India), are located just above the nose, between the eyebrows. This practise services and conditions them keeping them functioning at an optimum level. It is also said to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain leading to calmness and clarity. ( See Alternate Nostril Breathing section for how to do it.) Did you know that we expel 70% of all excreted toxins through the breath? So the emphasis on the exhale is very important physiologically as well as energetically . One of the reasons we all enjoy sea and mountain air so much is apart from being fresh and unpolluted it is highly charged with “prana�, so breathwork practises in these places is particularly beneficial.


My favourite element for spiritual purification practise is fire. I am sure that most of you reading this will have enjoyed sitting by an open fire either inside or out. It is hard not to feel joyful and relaxed when you do . It is a sad aspect of our modern lifestyles that we have removed ourselves from this most primal of pleasures. I believe that when we sit or sleep next to an open fire the layers of our aura spin through the flames and the energy pollution is literally burnt away. If we bring conscious intention into the process and meditate with the fire the cleansing is even more effective. For some people regularly experiencing fire can be as important to health as correct nutrition and exercise. Candles can be used to good effect too and for many people this will be more practical. I always sleep with a tealight or two!

Remember it is by the power of our intention that we create outcomes so it really doesn’t matter how small or large your flame is, it is the thought that you put into it that counts. The Huna shaman of Hawaii say “energy flows where attention goes� and this principle can be demonstrated particularly well by fire purification. Spending time consciously with or in the sun especially at dawn is another very valid form of fire purification practise. One of the most powerful purification practises I have ever experienced stems from the Native American tradition. It is called simply Five Fires, one sits in the middle of a suitably sized square with a fire in each corner outside in the blazing sunshine. Although five fires is somewhat extreme I strongly encourage you to try some fire purification for yourself, it replaces any tension or stress with joy, peace and creativity. So get the chimney sweep round and get that old fireplace working again!! Whilst sitting with your fire you might like to try 20 connected breaths for extra effect. I endeavour to sit with a fire at least once a week but all these practises can be mixed and matched to find the balance that is right for you.


Our intuition knows what is best for us, so it will be no suprise to learn that the water purification practises involve another pleasurable activity. What is better than letting go of the day with a long hot soak in the bath in the evening!! However it is equally important to wash away what Hindus call “the little death� of sleep. One of my greatest teachers, Leonard Orr, recommends bathing twice a day, just before going to bed and straight after getting up in the morning. This cleanses and balances or energy body very effectively. He once made a study of Indian “sadhus� or holy men who had great longevity. The one practise that they all had in common was daily bathing before sunrise and again just before sunset. Showers can be almost as effective especially if you apply the power of your conscious intention whilst showering. However if bathing is possible I would stongly recommend it. Engaging in this practise for some years now I have also found that I need to spend less time sleeping. Again it is possible to combine practises and I tend to do my breathwork routine in the bath , in the evening often surrounding myself with tealights too!! Regularly consciously sipping good quality water is another important aspect of water purification. I believe that colonics work on this energetic level too as well as the obvious physical benefits.


Purification practises embracing the element of earth are in fact primarily concerned with the physical aspects of detoxification. Air, by the way, is primarily mental, water emotional and fire spiritual. In part then earth purification relates to regular focused physical activity .Yoga , for example, is excellent and combines naturally with breathwork. However other enjoyable activities such as gardening or walking in the countryside also have their place. It is really about engaging in any activity with full conscious attention. I have found that even doing the housework, particularly the washing up, with love and total presence of mind has bought joy into a seemingly mundane part of life. Incidentally the more joyful you are , the higher your vibration and the less likely you are to be deeply effected by energy pollution in the first place!! The other major aspect of earth purification is of course diet. I have been on essentially a vegetarian diet for 32 years, ( occasionally being drawn to eat a bit of fish.) Vegetarian food, particularly raw, carries a high energy vibration, (it’s that “prana� stuff again), which nourishes, balances and cleanses the energy body as well as providing physical nutrition. Juice fasting one day a week is also an excellent practise that I can recommend from personal experience. In short it is my opinion that less is more when it comes to food!! What I advocate is finding a balance . If you are a meat eater try not eating meat one week a month – How does it make you feel? If you are a veggy try avoiding dairy products completely one week a month. Experiment and find out what feels right for you.

Balance is the key to working with all these ways in which we can clear out energy pollution. Some people are more drawn to air practises, some fire. Maybe there is an astrological link , I am not sure, certainly the season and what is going on for you in your life journey at the time can be significant. Either way, what I say is experiment and play!!

“Alternate Nostril Breathing”

  1. Pull the inhale softly through the left nostril with the right nostril closed by the thumb of the right hand.
  2. Close the left nostril with the index finger releasing the thumb on the right nostril as you do,( simply by moving your hand sideways slightly.) and exhale smoothly through the right nostril.
  3. Inhale gently through the right nostril.
  4. Close the right nostril, opening the left (the reverse of section2) and exhale through the left.

(Basically it’s in through the left out through the right, in through the right out through the left!!)

This is one round, I recommend four rounds morning and evening. Try to keep the inhale and exhale roughly the same length,( a slow count of 6 or 8 is usually good to begin with.) On completion resume normal breathing and allow a little quiet time to bathe in the feelings of clarity and cleansing.

by Jonathan Clark B Ed. MIHT

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