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We are creatures of habit and our life revolves in patterns of behaving and thinking. From getting up to going back to bed we are surrounded by repetitive action and thoughts. While some of them give us a sense of security most of them keep us entrapped in a specific way of thinking and acting, thereby restricting our real freedom and choice.

At any moment in our life we are standing on the threshold of a new beginning! Moment to moment we could choose fresh and enter a new and possibly radically different life experience. And yet we mostly don’t. Our beliefs and opinions restrict our choices and possibilities. Internalised fears determined by past decisions, solidified behavioural patterns and repetitive negative thinking keep us trapped in “everyday mundane life? with unsatisfactory perspectives.

How often have we thought we really understood something which would result in making significant changes to our life, only to find ourselves back where we were in the beginning, not being able to follow through or even making the initial shift. Why is this so, what holds us back and is there a way out or forward?

Mind and information

Our first clue comes from Neuro science. Our brain consists of two distinctive parts – a dominant and a non- dominant part. The dominant part deals with the so-called functioning “reality?; is rational, logical and deals with analysing, thinking, time, space and speech. The non- dominant part is engaged when we use our creativity or in healing, and is busy with sensing, feeling and perceiving. Now the important bit is that the non- dominant part of our brain collects about 40 billion bites of information per second, but that the dominant part of our brain can only deal with about 2000 bites of information per second.

This clearly shows that in order to be able to deal with such an amount of information in a logical way, your “computer? part of the brain has to run them continuously through an array of understanding/recognition and sorting patterns, just to keep up with the speed of information coming in.

Where do these patterns come from

Every time we have a thought there is an immediate sensation in the body as well as an emotion and a judgement that gets stored in our body, mind/thought field and the emotional energy field. Painful or traumatic thoughts cause especially deep impacts as well as thoughts formed in non-ordinary states of mind (trance, birth, shock).

Repetitive thoughts become beliefs and densify to habitual thought patterns, always creating similar sensations and emotions and thereby causing similar physical reactions. Over time this results in postural restriction patterns, limited breath volume, as well as engaging re-occurring automatic loop thoughts. It’s a bit like deepening the grooves on a record. The deeper the groove, the more likely it is one gets stuck in it and the more difficult it is to change.

Effects on the body

Negative thoughts and their emotional response create tension and contraction in your body. You can try this for yourself. For a short while only look down rather than up and let your shoulders hang. Notice how your mood will become heavy and you start feeling “depressed?. This equally works the other way round. If you are feeling depressed you will find yourself looking down with hanging shoulders. Now if you change your pattern and stand straight, always looking up or at least straight ahead for a while, your mood will change immediately. Similar physical information happen all day long without being noticed by you (especially on the subconscious level) and thereby creates your body posture and the way you walk, stand or move.

Emotions and your health

Equally every emotional response creates a tension field in your body. For example around your stomach when engaged in a power struggle with your boss or spouse, around your heart with emotional issues, headache with worries, shoulder tensions through fear etc. etc. the list is endless. If these incidences are re-occurring more often, the tension field starts to solidify till the body attunes itself to it permanently and you will have a problem, an illness or an organ failure.

Breath and aliveness

The same goes for your breath. Every time we have a negative thought or strong emotion we tend to hold our breath. As discussed above repetitive action results in a pattern, in this case limited breath volume. Now breathing is our most important body function. We need oxygen for everything from fuelling every body function to the elimination of toxins. Diminished breath volume results in diminished body function (aliveness) and creates a permanent stress field in the body. Additionally the breath supplies us with pranic energy that nourishes and upholds our bio-energy field. Without this our body would simply collapse and cease to function, which actually happens in the event of death, after we have taken our “last breath?.

The power of thoughts

Quantum physics has determined that depending on the expectations of a person conducting a specific experiment the outcome will vary, which proves that expectations determine the outcome. This clearly shows that thoughts are creative and that your beliefs are creating your reality.

Another law Quantum physics has proven is that energy follows attention, which means, what you are thinking about most is most likely to happen. This works well if you are engaged in thinking about positive outcomes or consciously creating your life, but unfortunately most of us are busy worrying or at least having lots of subconscious limitation thoughts.

Additionally what Neuro science has also determined, is that the brain cannot discern between things actually experienced and things solely imagined or visualised. The mental, physical and emotional impact are the same. So every time you are worrying about a specific outcome, you not only are more likely to create that unwanted event, but are also busy creating dis-ease in your body. Worrying also results in loss of a great deal of energy and you will find yourself continuously concerned and reacting about the past or the future, rather than acting from the Here and Now

Consciously creating your life and your experience of it

Quantum physics states that we are actually 99.9 empty space and only 0.01% matter. Of this 99.99% is energy/matter and 0.01% consciousness which is the all determining factor. Consciousness can choose freely to be anything at any time, if unhindered by limiting thought/belief patterns. Quantum physics also states that at any moment in time an unlimited amount of possibilities or alternate life paths are available to us. All it takes is to determine what you want, support it with the right beliefs (conscious and sub-conscious ones) and step into it with certainty (faith) supported by a non-ordinary state of mind induced through conscious Breathwork.

Realising the difficulties we all are facing in creating the life we want and affecting real and lasting change, we have created a program that for the first time addresses all the limitations and challenges discussed above. We have called this program “Life Mastery Program? and what we are aiming at is not just change but a “Quantum Reality Shift™?.

Every pattern creates inflexibility, which stops the energy flow in the area concerned with the pattern.

On the “Life Mastery Program? we assess where you are in your life and find out the restrictive patterns in your thinking, acting, breathing and being. Then we use effective tools to dissolve and counteract all these patterns. Finally we determine what you want and support you to get there through a new and amazing technique called “Quantum Reality Shift™? .

We use Breathwork to open you breath to its full capacity, charge up your various energy bodies and organ bio- fields and release emotional tensions and stress. We apply Bodywork to release physical tensions and dissolve your body armour. We also look and address right walking, sitting and standing to reveal a new You. To support your Conscious creation we engage in mind- mapping, explore your vision and purpose and use the creative power of thought and affirmation. Additionally we train in mindfulness and awareness, which activates your ability to recognise and dissolve negative thought patterns and beliefs. Finally through Quantum Reality ShiftTM you are able to step into a new life and anchor your new reality.

So if you are interested in a life with less fear, self-imposed limitations and restricting beliefs; a healthy body with less tensions on the way to heal itself and a new way of being and acting from the HERE and NOW with freedom to choose and power to create the life you want – get in contact! or

Heinz Gerd Lange: On his life long personal quest for enlightenment and personal mastery through the major world religions, Heinz Gerd came to personal development and Breathwork over 20 years ago. Since then he is committed to create space for peoples core essence to unfold.

Heinz Gerd is an international lecturer and trainer for Breathwork, metaphysics and personal transformation specialised in mind re-patterning, bio-energetic integrity and life shifts. He was the director of the former Institute for Breath Therapy and Transformational Healing (InBreath) in the UK, which used to train professional breathworkers in a 3-year part-time diploma training, and now runs the “Life Mastery Program? together with his wife Lera.

Heal the past, create a new future and live in the present, moment by moment!

by Heinz Gerd Lange

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