Responsibility – a key to growth and wisdom

Thought is creative. We are creators. Everything we experience is created by us, on a soul level, for us. It allows and aids our perfect development and expression. Life is orchestrated perfectly for all, so we learn, grow and come to understand ourself, our reality and our place in it. In this divine flow nothing is good, nothing is bad, nothing is missed. Our only choice is whether we flow with it or rebel through free will, or at least the semblance of it. Ultimately we cannot avoid the flow, but we can ignore it and play victim, though this merely leads to the lessons, or callings to become louder until they eventually somatise as a chronic diseases and we allow them to kill us.

In this game, where we are the experiencer seeking new and ever evolving expression, we create our purpose. We create our raison d'être. We choose.

This leads us back to the paradox of free will and divine flow. They are not, however, mutually exclusive. On a grander scale we are in the divine flow and it is constantly guiding us back to unity, within this, however, we are able to make our own choices, create our purpose and do, more-or-less, anything we fancy. On this level we have the law of attraction, where what we think we create, albeit not so instantly, and we have the issue that many of our thoughts are subconscious. Therefore, some things we attract are due to old belief patterns and experiences. Yet all of this gives us the opportunity to learn and evolve. Once we realise that everything we experience is a direct result of our choices, past or present, conscious or not, we realise that we must take responsibility for everything we experience.

Taking responsibility for reality

We must accept responsibility for everything that has happened to us as, on one level or another, we chose to experience it in order aid us on our path. The beings involved in challenging situations were just helping us to unravel ourselves. There cannot be any blame placed upon others as it was all our choice and necessary for us. Pleasure or pain their actions and expressions were perfect for us. It is and was all pure love and we should be grateful for it. We can know this when we look back on difficult events and reflect, 'well if that hadn't happened that way I would not have learnt this,' or 'I would not be the person I am today.' Difficult experiences can never cause us to devolve only evolve. The worst thing that can happen is we get stuck in the process, the emotional pain and angst, until we either learn from it or we allow it to kill us and start again. We are the immortal soul so there is no rush, eventually we will learn and evolve into greater expressions of our true selves. Taking responsibility for all that we experience and looking for the lessons and negative belief patterns in all the situations we attract is incredibly empowering. It instantly dissolves any victim belief. No one can victimise us, it can only ever be a projection of our inner milieu. And as soon as we identify and dissolve these belief structures we will never experience such projections again! On top of this, each individual is fully responsible for their experiences and interpretations. We cannot be responsible for how someone will react to our expressions. Indeed, each person will react differently. We also cannot be responsible for anyone’s happiness. Therefore we no longer need to pussyfoot around worrying what will this person or that person think of me if I do this or that. We can truly be who we are meant to be, we can gracefully unfold and relax into the divine flow. Some people may ridicule, some people may love, but that is not our problem it is theirs, they are wholly responsible whether they like it or not. This frees us up to realise that reactions are merely projections and nothing to do with us, therefore we can be loving and compassionate to everyone no matter how they treat us, as really it is just a projection of how they see themselves, not us! Also each person is divinely guided and has attracted whatever experiences they need to help them heal and evolve. The homeless person you feel bad for, the friend that has lost someone close to them, the sibling whose marriage has just failed, the colleague who has just got fired, the parent who just got cancer. Don't feel bad! For one reason or another these experiences are perfect for them to help them drop outdated and erroneous conditioning and unfold into to their divine-selves. You are not responsible for this, therefore you do not have to feel bad for them nor save them. Even if you tried to save them you couldn't. You would be denouncing the divine flow and blocking their chance to heal. Everyone is divinely guided and supported. We are not responsible for this, we cannot save anyone. We can offer help and assistance, and indeed this is a lovely thing to do but we cannot save anyone.

Trust and surrender

Thus our own evolution into our perfect expression is not just about taking responsibility for ourselves and allowing others to take responsibility for themselves we also have to learn to trust the divine flow and surrender to it. As was mentioned, when we look back we realise the amazing lessons, that even the hardest experiences taught us, we can be grateful for them! Once we realise this we can begin to trust the flow until eventually, even in what seems, from our limited perception, to be the worst of situations, we can surrender fully, knowing that it is perfect for us, we are held, supported, guided and loved, always and in all ways.


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