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Rebirthing Breathwork: Creating an Independent Adult
Catherine Holland
Published by Authorhouse Publishing, 2009, at £5.95. Also on Amazon, Kindle and pdf download.
ISBN: 978-1-4343-7867-5
A concise book covering the basic technique and why we need it. "Rebirthing Breathwork" is a succinct English introduction to the benefits and skills of connected breathing written by an experienced practitioner in breathwork. Expanded at the request of the rebirthing community, the new edition includes the outcome in adults of their treatment as children. We can also use these lessons in the treatment of our own children.

Exhale: an overview of breathwork
Gunnel Minett
Paperback 242 pages (October 28, 2004)
Publisher: Floris Books
ISBN: 0863154646

Rebirthing and breathwork
Catherine Dowling
Published by Piatkus, 2000, at £9.99.
The author is a leading Irish practitioner who explains clearly what rebirthing is, and why conscious breathing opens up the inner world of deep feelings, and bringing about healing. Practical information given in a highly readable way, so that you will end up knowing most of what there is to know about the subject.
Review by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

Soul therapy
Joy Manne
North Atlantic Books, Berkeley , California , 1997.
Dr. Joy Manne is one of the few academics working in the field of Breathwork. A Psychotherapist and Buddhist practitioner, she puts together in this book a great deal of information about conscious breathing, Voice dialogue, personal and spiritual growth, healing our core issues, and blending therapies with purification practices and breathwork. There is something here for anyone on a Soul Quest. As an academic, she has of course included a comprehensive bibliography on Rebirthing and allied subjects.
Review by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

Breath and spirit
Gunnel Minett
Aquarian Books, London 1994
This book is out of print currently, but a new version entitled "Exhale" is due out in October 04 and is a must for anyone seriously interested in the subject of rebirthing and breathwork. The author co-founded the International Breath Foundation, which has established a network of Rebirthers throughout the world, with annual conferences, resulting in improved professional standards of practice both abroad and in UK.
Review by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

Rebirthing - freedom from your past
Deike Begg
Thorsons 1999 price: £9.99
This book has attracted many readers to try rebirthing; highly personal in style, it is a good read. The author is an experienced Psychotherapist, whose interests include Past Life Therapy and astrology. She reveals a lot about her own rebirthing experiences and successes. Definitely enjoyable.
Review by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

Breathing in life and love
Jim Morningstar
pub by Transformation Incorporated, Milwaukee, 1994.
The author is US doctor of clinical psychology. Rebirthing case-histories, personal story by the author, who considers rebirthing to be a "tool to open their awareness to their inner self-healing ability" the most direct pathway I know to putting the mind in its place and reconnecting with the simplicity and power of our inner child. Much practical information here for would-be practitioners.
Review by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

The breathwork experience - exploration and healing in Non ordinary states of consciousness.
Kylea Taylor
Hanford Mead Publishers, Santa Cruz , California, 1994
The author acknowledges the work of Professor Stanislaus Grof, with whom she has been working for many years .He writes: "This is a guidebook for practitioners, clients and students of consciousness … a gold mine of professional information as well as profound life's wisdom"
Review by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

Spirit, Mind & Body: The technique of affirmation
Mary & Ray Brooks
First published in 1981, this book discusses affirmations, a technique use by many in the healing professions. The writers are both breathworkers and the book includes references to the power of using affirmations with rebirthing.
You can get a FREE copy of this book by visiting the author’s website

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