Case HistoriesEarly experiences of rebirthing

My first rebirth was with a friend in the States. I said, "What is this rebirthing thing?" and he said, "I’m not going to tell you anything about it. I just want you to experience it." He sat on a chair next to where I was lying and every so often he’d say "Breathe!" I had absolutely no preconceptions. Just, "Breathe!" I felt myself moving through the birth canal (I was moving up the bed). It was an incredibly, physically profound experience.

I saw my wife just after she’d had her first rebirth and I said, "I want some of that." She was shining. The first few sessions for me were wonderfully dramatic. One time I heard a bird singing outside, just singing its heart out and it was just beautiful. I thought the angelic choirs had arrived! At the beginning, every rebirth was an angelic or other-worldy experience for me and I think this happened because I was so cynical: if I hadn’t had these extraordinary experiences, I wouldn’t have valued the sessions. It was somehow necessary for me to see lights, colours, to see auras around people to persuade me that actually this is worth continuing. Otherwise I would have thought, "Oh this is good but not as good as drugs"!

In my very first session my rebirther didn’t explain much. I was lying down on a sheepskin and breathing. It was hard. I didn’t like it. And then I must have gone unconscious for a while and at some point later I became conscious of being at peace, so at peace. I thought, "Oh God, what is that?" A peace I had never, never known and never dreamt that I could feel. It was so simple but, for me, it was another world.

I remember when I started rebirthing, going through the first ten sessions, I cried so much, I was releasing a lot of grief. I’d come out of the sessions with mascara all over my face! I went off and got my eyelashes dyed - I wasn’t going to give up mascara! For most of the first few sessions, I would re-visit this deep grief and sometimes it felt I would never get to the bottom of it. And then suddenly it was gone. It was done and I felt clear and open and renewed.

My partner rebirthed first and would come home with tales of incredible experiences and I thought "Okay, I’m going to have a go at this." But then every rebirth I did was so calming. All these amazing things that were happening to other people in their rebirths didn’t happen to me, but I was always beautifully relaxed by the end of it. I would find that in the week or so following each session, I’d suddenly realize that I’d handled a situation totally differently. I’d feel completely different. And I’d changed without having any sense of it. And there’s still a bit of me that feels a bit short-changed! I haven’t had as much drama as some people seem to have, but by God it’s worked.

In my first rebirth, I got a paralysed feeling in my sternum. I think my rebirther must have spoken about the possibility of a kind of paralyis happening in the session. It wasn’t so strong that I couldn’t keep going. Later I learnt that paralysis does happen sometimes, but most usually in the extremities of the body: hands, feet, face. I moved through this feeling and afterwards when I saw myself in the mirror there seemed to be light coming out of my eyes.

I remember in my first rebirth, I experienced very strong body memories of my own birth and also giving birth to one of my sons. There was also much unspent grief from my father’s early death. It was a huge experience. Many years later, a client of mine was rebirthing when she began to sense that she was giving birth. She had had five pregnancies and wasn’t sure whose birth it was going to be. She breathed just like a woman in labour, and then suddenly she understood in herself that she was giving birth to herself. There was a sense for her of re-connecting to her mother’s experience of giving birth to her but also, at a deeper level, of giving birth to her own sense of being. She was ecstatic. It was very beautiful.

I can remember at my first training. We had been doing breathwork sessions for 10 days and at the end we were having a celebration. The trainer wanted some nice pens for writing out the certificates and I went walking into the local town. After 10 days of ‘confinement’ it was beautiful being out in the world in a new way. I felt completely at peace. I think before that I’d never felt particularly at peace with the world but now, just seeing everyone going about as usual, I just felt at peace and able to experience the world in a whole different way. It was magical, and that’s something that I’ve never really lost: that whole magical sense of the world and how beautiful it is, when you’re in a position to see and feel and receive that beauty. That was powerful. I might sometimes go away from it…. But it has never gone away.

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