Case HistoriesEmotional wellbeing

There was a time when I thought that certain emotions were positive and they were the ones I should be having. And there were certain emotions that were negative and I shouldn’t be going near those. I managed to sidestep many emotions and make so many compartments within myself to shut all these feelings away. One of the gifts of breathwork is that whatever is there, is okay. Whatever feeling it is, it’s valid. I can accept it, move through it, work with it. I was brought up with the sense that certain emotions should be kept at arm’s length. It’s been a great relief to let it all be, let all my feelings exist. Breathing with all these differing emotions brings resolution. Difficult situations can similarly be resolved rather than being kept at a distance. That’s very powerful.

There have been a couple of clients I’ve worked with who have found themselves laughing through their entire sessions. Laughter had been inhibited in them before. And they found the way back to their laughter, their natural ability to see the funny side of themselves and their worlds.

I find breathwork gives me bliss. And for a lot of clients, what they are left with at the end of a session is feelings of being in bliss.

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