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I came across rebirthing

I came across rebirthing through an aromatherapist. I had just graduated from university and had been diagnosed with glandular fever. The doctor told me to rest, but after a month of resting, I needed to take some other form of action.

My aromatherapist recommended that I try a rebirthing session, as it is helpful in balancing energy and releasing toxins and emotional blocks.

My first session was so extraordinary. I lay down and under the guidance of my rebirther, connected my breath so that there was no pause between the inhale and the exhale. Very soon I could feel energy beginning to flow through my body.

I became aware of a strong pressure around my sternum where it felt as though someone was sitting on me. As I continued to breathe connectedly, the sensation changed and I felt a tingling and spreading of energy through my whole chest.

After 45 minutes or so, I dropped into an incredibly still and blissful state. Was the most beautiful sensation I'd ever experienced. When I was ready to sit up, I really wanted to have a pee. I went to the bathroom and when washing my hands looked in the mirror and my eyes were so light and shiny. I'd never seen myself looking so radiant.

I felt amazing and continued to do another 9 sessions. I moved through a lot of different healing experiences, both emotional and physical.

As a final note, I was working at the time for a homeopath and naturopath who was able to view blood under the microscope and he had tested me before I began the breathwork and had confirmed that I had glandular fever, and my immune system was working hard. After I had done the sessions, he measured my blood again and there was such an improvement that he said it was now barely traceable.

I could feel this in my body, but was wonderful to have an external measure of this as too.

Case history supplied by:
Jane Okondo

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