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Let down by the medical establishment

I started to see my rebirther for some breathwork sessions in July 2007 on a weekly basis. I had been suffering from a chronic pelvic pain condition for 4 years, together with ongoing IBS symptoms and recurring symptoms from a recently strained back.

After being let down by the medical establishment, who actually created more problems by their incorrect treatment, putting myself through several medical tests that delivered "normal" results, I then embarked on a journey of seeing many different alternative health practitioners hoping that someone somewhere would cure me. I tried acupuncture, reflexology, hypnotherapy, craniosacral therapy, NLP work, a nutritionist, physical therapy, homeopathy, Tai Chi, a Transmedium, naturopathy, meditation, psychotherapy, etc etc… but nothing seemed to work. I had tried Breathwork briefly with another practitioner, but the logistics were against me and I had to stop. However, I always felt that this type of therapy was right for me. Throughout all these therapies I did manage to discover a very important factor, that was that every therapist told me that there was nothing physically wrong with me, it was my fear and anxiety that was driving my health conditions, but I just couldn’t see how and therefore was unable to accept this information.

In July of this year I met my rebirther and we started weekly sessions. I have always found that it’s very important to gel with any teacher or practitioner if you want to make progress. The rebirther I had chosen seemed to understand instantly what my problem was, just like the other practitioners, however she was able to help me actually understand how and why my fear and anxiety was driving my conditions. She began to help me understand my negative patterns, my negative thoughts, the addiction to my thoughts and the judgements I made when flare-ups occurred. She also helped me to breathe properly and relax. Most importantly, my rebirther was able to really make me feel like there was a chance of recovery. By making me understand how to deal with my negative patterns, to change my beliefs and my thoughts, and to breathe, I actually started to make some progress. After 10 sessions I really felt I was going to actually beat these conditions and live a normal life.

Case history supplied by:
Valerie Meehan

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