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I am eternally grateful to my ever deepening journey with the breath over the past 25 years. This is especially with regard to my relationship with my parents which has had a miraculous knock on effect on all my other relationships.

I would describe my upbringing as loving but covertly suppressed and controlling. I found it difficult to be myself, was rebellious yet had communication issues. I had no tools to deal with this and it spilt out into my other relationships in subtle and not so subtle ways!

When I consciously started to work with Rebirthing, things shifted very quickly and I was amazed at the change of attitude my parents had to me. It wasn�t always easy as I took big risks in expressing myself more honestly which left me feeling very exposed at times.

Over the years I have deepened and nurtured this fascinating journey to an adult relationship with my parents. This has brought with it a growing attitude of respect and gratitude for them and their wisdom and caring. Issues still arise but only seldom and when they do I feel well equipped to deal with it in a healthy, mature way.

My parents are now both 87 and relatively well, active and bright as buttons and I enjoy an extremely loving and supportive relationship with them.

Hurrah and thank you to Rebirthing!

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