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My first rebirthing session

My first rebirthing session, in 1992, was totally life-changing.

I'd read about the effects that different kinds of birth experience can have on a person's life, and could see the reflections of my forceps birth followed by two days' separation from my mother in my inhibited initiative and lack of confidence and trust in others and in myself. I also experienced cycles of withdrawal and despair - maybe I believed my mother was dead during that early separation (she'd been under general anaesthetic).

I dowsed the list of BRS rebirthers and interestingly was directed to the one practising in the town where I was born. I was full of trepidation - I realised my birth had been very distressing, would this be a repeat?

The rebirther asked a few questions about my birth and family relationships, and did some work with crystals to balance my chakras before the breathwork began.I had no difficulty deepening and connecting the breath… but after an hour or so felt extremely tired. My rebirther suggested I sit up, and lean my back against hers, so I could feel her presence, and be supported by her breath rhythm. This worked well, in a little while my breath released. I lay down again, and experienced the totally effortless flow of breath, the universe 'breathing me'.

A picture came into my mind: I was seeing the Earth from a great distance, and people on it scurrying anxiously about, tense, heads down, 'making life complicated for themselves'. I realised how totally unnecessary this was, and that all they needed to do was let the breath flow, and they'd have no problems. I felt as if I'd seen the cosmic joke, and roared with uncontrollable laughter for what seemed like several minutes. For as long as I could remember, I'd lived in two alternating worlds, one joyful and one miserable, and could never get clear which was real. Rebirthing showed me conclusively that it was the joyful one. I was amazed and enchanted with the process, and resolved there and then to become a rebirther.

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