Case HistoriesTransforming our relationship with our body

Rebirthing has given me the ability to listen to my body. The body has an intelligence that you need to listen to. And you can stand back and allow your body and it will say, �okay’ and it will do what it knows best to do for you, if you have faith in it and you trust it. It’s like a really good teacher.

I was a really chronic asthmatic from about eighteen months old until I started rebirthing. Since rebirthing I haven’t had asthma, which has been fantastic. I’ve found it invaluable in terms of being in my body and particularly during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. I’ve found it to be an incredible day-to-day tool for getting through. You know when you have a child having a tantrum and the sorts of mixed and difficult feelings that can evoke in us as parents? Just consciously breathing through those moments - that’s a gift. Sometimes my children turn to me and say, �Breathe, Mummy!’ Sometimes they say it to each other. They know it will help us through whatever is going on.

I can remember sitting around with people who seemed to be able to describe what was happening in their body in a way that I just couldn’t connect with. When someone said, "let’s check in and see what’s happening in our bodies" I had no idea what they were talking about. I didn’t really have a connection with my body and the idea of �finding out what was going on in my body’ just seemed like the most bizarre thing because I was completely in my thinking, in my head. I knew what I was thinking but had no idea what I was feeling. Then suddenly I did know exactly what my body is feeling. Whether it’s a �good’ feeling or a �bad’ feeling, my joy is in knowing I can experience that: it’s phenomenal. I used to ask myself, �is there a map?’ and now I know there is: it’s the breath.

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