Case HistoriesTransforming our relationship with ourselves

I feel as though I have an ongoing love affair with breathing! Anywhere, anytime. It’s like my closest friend, my ally, my lover - it’s a very intimate relationship. And the relationship I have with my breath gives me access to having an intimate relationship with my body, with my psyche, with my mind. I find it just incredible that at any moment I can connect with it, that whatever is happening, anywhere I am, I can connect with this incredible ally. And it’s so ridiculously simple - it’s just breathing.

For me, rebirthing has helped me get in touch with my heart. It’s helped me to open my heart to everybody, and to myself as well and that in turn has helped me let go of chronic self-criticism.

Over time I have realized I keep coming back to one deep place in myself that life is safe. I come back to my safe self and feel safe. I am safe by myself, rather than feeling I have to be dependent on anybody. I am independent and resourceful. And in that safe self, I feel confident, in balance and fundamentally happy. This is what rebirthing breathwork has and is giving me.

I remember how excited I felt when I realized that our shadow selves hold so much more than dark and difficult feelings and memories. So many of us have shut away feelings of joy, excitement, aliveness and pure pleasure, and the breath has helped us to rediscover and reconnect to those parts of ourselves again.

Rebirthing has taught me, and seems to teach all of us who consciously breathe, to be responsible for ourselves and what we create. This is a long way removed from living the life of a victim or from blaming everyone and everything else for what I experience. There is a great freedom in being self-responsible.

When I lie down and breathe, and many different and often conflicting thoughts and feelings arise in me, I have learnt to create enough space in myself to accommodate all of them. To include everything that arises. I just love being able to create more and more space within myself , to allow for paradox, for difference. It gives an experience of being able to peacefully accept everything within oneself. There’s room for every idea, every feeling. Everything is welcome.

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