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I have been interested in personal development, as well as supporting others to grow, throughout my adult life. On my journey, I have explored a wide range of approaches over the years. A few years ago, I experienced the profound effects of conscious connected breathing, which I decided to explore due to a stressful time in my life when I felt overwhelmed by my workload. This affected my sleep patterns and ability to focus. As a result, I was signed off from work for several weeks. Over a period of time, through rebirthing, I experienced emotions being released, some of which I'd been holding in my body as physical pain. I observed how my body responded to particular triggers and identified negative belief patterns that underpinned my reaction to them.  Some sessions had a spiritual dimension to them.

As the sessions progressed, my sleep patterns improved and I felt much less stressed and much more able to focus.  I gained insights, which helped me to understand myself better and also more aware of areas that still have potential to cause me stress.  I can now make conscious decisions about how I manage myself as I notice stressful feelings arising, including using rebirthing practices. I have been surprised to find that I no longer react to certain triggers that I have worked upon, which feels very empowering. I notice that I am now much more accepting of my thoughts and emotions as they arise, whereas I used to often resist them! As a result, I feel that stress is much less likely to escalate.

My positive experiences of rebirthing motivated me to train to become a rebirther myself enabling me to help others who are interested in personal development or perhaps facing challenging and stressful situations.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a rebirthing session or you would like to explore whether rebirthing might meet your needs.   A face-to-face taster session can also be arranged.

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