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Judith Davis

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Website: www.spinalbreath.com
Mob: 07929 936688


I have a Diploma in Integrative Breath Therapy and Transformational Healing as well as being a Practitioner Member of the BRS. I am a member of the International Breathwork Foundation and have a Certificate of Training with Leonard Orr. I practice the Spinal Breath, which is a breath channelled from Babaji. The Spinal Breath gently softens our attachment to the story we tell ourselves about our lives and opens us up to a new way of being. It is Conscious Breathing with the focus on the spine and is a gentle but extremely powerful way of accessing and healing the hurts and traumas stored in the unconscious. It helps us move beyond the limits of the conscious mind towards self realisation. I believe that as we heal our inner traumas we stop projecting them onto the outside world and this helps to transform our consciousness into one of peace, harmony and joyful creativity. I am also an Astrologer specialising in the Transpersonal aspects in the Birth Chart and I am a Theta Healing Practioner.

What I Offer

Spinal Breathing - Conscious Breathing with the focus on the Spine. Transpersonal Astrological Reading. Theta Healing A geat deal of benefit can be gained from a single session, however 9+1 sessions are recommended to work through a major issue. After the 9th session the client breathes as if on their own. I observe and give feedback. The client is encouraged to creates a regular Breathing Routine in their life. Numerologically 9+1 are very powerful numbers.

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