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Clare Gabriel has been in full time private practice as a rebirthing and conscious breathwork practitioner since 1989. She has also run many breath-and-consciousness groups and trainings.

Clare brings many allied skills to her practice. These include somatic awareness, bodywork training, voice dialogue, family constellations and psychotherapy studies. She loves to keep abreast of the latest knowledge that neuroscience is now bringing to the breath and different forms of breathwork. This is a great acknowledgement of the work we've been doing in this field for many years as well as giving us further insight into why what we do works so well. 

In her practice, she is passionate about creating space for our stories to be heard, to enable us to accept and fully integrate the whole of our experience, including the marginalised and wounded aspects of ourselves. She understands that when we take this experiential journey we become able, with support, to surrender and move beyond our separated sense of self into the sweet experience of ourselves as pure essence or Being, where there is no separation. This storytelling enables us to begin telling a different story about who we are and what we want to create for ourselves in this life.

Clare carries within her a deep and abiding sense of what a precious thing it is to be in human form with the extraordinary creative and joyful possibilities that it brings. She gives a very focused attention to the detail of each person's story, and has a natural and honed ability to reflect back those parts of a person that they haven't yet seen, acknowledged or quite believed about themselves.

Where appropriate, the teachings of Abraham Hicks may appear in her sessions. She will in any event encourage her clients to practice breathwork or meditation at home, together with broadening their skills in living with the conscious knowledge of their feeling and thinking states.Clare is a longstanding Practitioner Member of the British Rebirth Society, the main UK professional rebirthing breathwork body. She has served as both General Secretary and Chairman of the Society and is currently serving as Publicity Officer. In the past, she also served as Vice President of the International Breathwork Foundation, the international association of breathworkers that convenes annually at the Global Inspiration Conference.

What I Offer

I currently offer one-to-one sessions, short- and long-term, with conscious breathwork at the centre. We always begin with an hour's consultation, free of charge, where you can decide whether you feel safe and happy to work with me. My work is utterly client-centred so we journey together, learning to give deep attention to what is occurring in the present moment, enabling softening, healing and opening to occur in the gentlest and most beautiful way possible.

PLEASE NOTE: I am moving to Wells in Somerset at the end of April, and re-starting my rebirthing breathwork practice from August 2019. Watch this space...


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