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My passion for Psychology led me to study Transactional Analysis and Transpersonal Psychotherapy in Venezuela, while I was working in the business world in the 80’s and 90’s. When I subsequently encountered Rebirthing, I discovered an openhearted process, full of love, which gave me the courage to change my career path.

I then travelled to the USA to train as a breathworker with the founder Leonard Orr and Tony Lo Mastro at the Philadelphia Rebirthing Centre. Returning to Caracas in 1993, I founded the “Centro Rebirthing de Venezuela” and “Edward Consult S.A.”, dedicated to the combination of Psychotherapy and Breathwork for individuals and businesses.

For the following years, through these organisations, I pioneered breathwork in Venezuela, Latin America and the Caribbean. We took breathing to schools, hospitals and corporates. We did more than 20 professional certificate trainings. I was IBF National Coordinator for Venezuela for three years and organised the popular GIC 2002 in Margarita Island.

In 2003, I moved to Cyprus and, with my husband Michael de Glanville, started up KAYANA, a therapy centre on the North coast of the Island. We hold intensive Breathwork trainings at the centre and through this organisation, we are now taking KAYANA International Breathwork to various countries with our Professional Breathwork Coaching Training.

During my career, working as a psychotherapist and breathworker, I have mentored, coached, counseled and trained over 5000 people in 18 countries, guiding them to unlock their hidden possibilities and achieve their full potential. I teach in English, Spanish and Arabic. I have also managed to continue learning myself, studying a Master in “Positive Psychotherapy” and to become a Recovery Specialist.

In July 2018, the Academy of Universal Global Peace, affiliated to the United Nations, awarded me a Doctorate, Honoris Causa for Humanity works and Leadership. The Ceremony was held at the University of Westminster in London.

K A Y A N A stands for  Knowing & Awakening Yourself Awareness by Nurturing & Acceptance

What We Offer

-Breathing sessions, dry, in warm water and by the fire.

-Online and in Person, Individual, couple, family and business sessions.

-Residential intensives at the Kayana Centre in Cyprus and other locations, tailor made for individuals, couples or groups.

-Breathing retreat at the Kayana Centre and other locations

Professional Breathwork Coaching Training of 600hr, divided into 3 levels, each level has a certification: -

 1) -Self-development/Training to become a one to one Professional Breathworker Coach. 200 hours

 2) -Group/Corporate, learning the art of Breathwork group dynamic and public presentations. 200 hours

 3) -Official Trainer. After 2 years of active practice, learning to train trainers. 200 hours

Kayana Breathwork for Recovery. This is a program to train therapists and coaches in the recovery world to become Breathworkers and a second mirror training to teach Breathworkers to become Recovery specialists.

-Basic Psychotherapy for Coaches Programme.

This is a programme to broaden the knowledge and deepen in the understanding of Holistic Psychotherapy. As a result we see an increase of respect between the two fields. 

-Feminine Capital Forum, presenting speakers on different areas of life to empower women to embrace their femininity and men their masculinity and break free from limitations to create a more sustainable society. This forum migrates to different countries.  

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