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Barry Seward-Thompson

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West Glamorgan
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Mob: 07836639806


Following training in Bodywork, I did my formal Breathwork training with Artemis in 2006 and completed my Breathwork apprenticeship in 2008. I first came across Breathwork some 6 years ago and it has been such a great influence in transforming my life that I was inspired to train so as to be able to share its power with others. I have a background in engineering, IT, and Organisational Development Consulting. I have always been attracted by flow - for instance, I did 5 years research on the flow of flood waves in small rivers! - but it is only in recent years that I have been able to find real flow in my own life.

What I Offer

I offer Breathwork (Rebirthing) complemented by a form of "listening" Bodywork. Breathwork and Bodywork both focus on freeing the body to heal itself and dissolve its structure. Experience suggests that they are extremely powerfully when used in tandem.

When working with a client, in any given session I may use Breathwork, or Bodywork, or a Breathwork session supported by Bodywork. I work in the moment, using my intuition as a guide and with the full involvement and agreement of the breather.

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