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Ayesha Powell

Working Locations

Friston, Eastbourne
East Sussex
BN20 0AS
07800 530146
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Mob: 07800530146


I am conscious connected breath practitioner based near Eastbourne, East Sussex.

What I Offer

I offer conscious connected breathwork with focusing (body sensing) and witnessing the Higher Self so we can reach our full potential as authentic human beings who feel empowered,creative and inwardly illuminated. I am a qualified therapeutic counsellor and bring empathy,humility and a non-judgemental approach to each session. I believe that every session and each individual client is special and unique and we help each other by clearing emotional debris, limiting core beliefs and reframing the way we attribute meanings to events and circumstances in our lives. If that sounds like what you're seeking, I look forward to meeting you.

I charge £75 per session. The first few sessions can last 2.5 hours or more.Please make sure you set aside enough time.Please also wear comfortable clothes.

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