Gaunts House, Wimborne retreat with Kerry Veitch Rebirthing retreat

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Kerry Veitch


Gaunts House, Wimborne
BH21 4JQ
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Breathe is delighted to welcome you to this weekend event, the first Breathwork festival in the UK. Breathwork is a wonderful and powerful healing modality, and we invite you to join us to experience it and more of your own personal and collective healing journeys in this beautiful and safe space.

It is a gift to you! An opportunity to relax and revive: to inhale and receive, to exhale and let go…........ 

To breathe in the elements, to nourish your body, mind and soul... walk in ancient woodland, lie on the grass, swim in the pool, play, stretch, dance, shake, move, explore, learn from and be guided by expert practitioners, experience the power of breathing together in a group... to all in all bring more peace, creativity and freedom to your life. 

Held in the beautiful location of Gaunts House in the Dorset countryside, Breathe is generously and lovingly supported by some of the world’s leading practitioners, speakers, movers and shakers in the Breathwork world and beyond.  The key note speakers this year are Dan Brulé and Anthony Abbagnano. They, as well as Sophia Magdalena and Rebecca Dennis, will deliver group Breathwork and individual sessions. There will also be a fire ceremony to open the gathering with Vicky Sinclair and Christian Platts, morning yoga with Jeannine Goh, a dance session with Louisa Love to help integrate the work done in the Breathwork sessions, and a gong bath with Roger Gong.

Weekend Breathe - A Festival of Life from Aug 31st - 2nd Sept 2018
The Britsh Rebirth Society