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    Brigitte Martin Powell
    Doug Sawyer
The A.I.R. Breathwork/Rebirther Training Course provides you with a comprehensive course in the principles and practice of Breathwork/Rebirthing. Our dynamic, varied approach includes breathing sessions, coaching, experiential processes, supervised practice and assignments.  AIR Rebirther Training Course is for those wishing to train as Rebirthers and also accommodates experienced Rebirthers who wish to take their work to a deeper level.

You will learn to Rebirth others confidently, as you will be thoroughly equipped to accompany your client on their journey. You will also learn to challenge old beliefs and explore new ideas, enabling you to move forward on your own personal development path. Throughout the course you receive professional feedback and are empowered to track and assess your own progress.

This complete training in Rebirthing fulfils national (BRS) and international (IBTA) professional requirements for Rebirthing practitioners.Cost of each module is £850 including food and accommodation.The 4 training modules can be taken in any order. They are followed by 1 assisting module (£350).  For course dates please visit our AIR website:  


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