Life Mastery Program Provider: InBreath


    Heinz Gerd Lange

Life Mastery Program

A transformational journey to a new “You”

A unique and amazing Self-heal and empowerment program for people who want quick and effectiv life transformation and are willing to take the necessary steps.

How often in life are we stopped, and held back by inner limitations. Feel disheartened and unloved! Fear that we have missed life and its rewards! Stuck in a rut – unfulfilled and searching! “There must be more to this” is our thought.

Quantum reality teaches that there is a multitude of alternate life streams available to us. At any moment in life we could choose fresh and enter a new, possibly radically different life experience. And yet, we mostly don’t.

Beliefs and opinions about life and ourself restrict our possible choices and prevent us from seeing what’s possible, and how things really are. Internalised fears determined by past decisions, frozen behavioural patterns and calcified repetitive thoughts keep us entrapped in “everyday mundane life” with unsatisfactory perspectives.

The Life Mastery Program offers you an effective way out! On this training, we address what’s not working in your life, help you to arrive at a new perception of yourself and the world, and support you to successfully shift into a new reality.

What does not fit anymore will be cut off, new and hidden potential revealed and nourished. Concepts, believes and behavioural pattern that make your life difficult are released and dismissed, leaving you with free decision space and new possibilities. De-stressed and re-energised you continue your path at peace with yourself, centred and balanced.

We will investigate:

* Where am I in my life right now? (Reality check)

* Where would I like to be? (Vision quest)

* In which context would I like this to happen? (Purpose)

* What’s holding me back? (Dealing with the Past)

* How can I transform this? (Effective tools)

* Successful transition into my new life (Quantum Reality Shift™)

We will address: The Past

- Resolve calcified patterns of un-supportive thinking and behaviour.

- Heal existing relationships and come to peace with your past.

- Discover and transcend your limitations and dissolve fear into power.

The Now

- From wishful thinking to reality based action, operating from the “What’s so”.

- Rebalance and anchor yourself in the „Here and Now“ and start living from it.

- Neutrality and Fluidity: A new way to think, behave and act.

The Future

- Discover yourself anew and enter a space of Self-acceptance and power.

- Develop leadership and purpose and move forward without fear.

- Choose a new reality to live in and create what you really want in a context you like.

How will we achieve this?

The Life Mastery Program uses the most effective consciousness and Life Skills available today. Breath- and bodywork, emotional release techniques, mental re-programming, NLP and coaching, energy release and healing, transformational psychology, shadow and process work, Creative Arts, Visualisation and Meditation blend into an amazing Self-heal and empowerment program that is unique and highly effective.

To be experienced in the supportive environment of life changing 5-day retreats full of love and acceptance, which at the same time is challenging and supporting you to work with yourself actively and consciously. A powerful journey of Self-discovery and healing and a great opportunity to shift and grow with the potential to set you free!

The Life Mastery Program also provides the self-experiental background of 20 training days that could be the required foundation of a further professional training as Breathworker if you so choose and have fallen in love with the amazing transformational and consciousness expansion qualities of conscious connected breathing (CCB). For mor info about this training path please get in touch.

Some of our unique processes are:

Delta and Theta Brainwave re-programming™ - The best states for re-programming and introduction of new supportive thought material are delta and theta brainwave states. We are using specific Breathwork sessions and deep meditation states to introduce positive updates in your sub-conscious easily.

Thoughthygiene™ – a process to become more aware of your unconscious thoughts and responses patterns, using Kinesiology and EFT for effective clearing, a great tool to shift into more conscious and successful thinking.

Emotional response re-alignment™ - Our emotional response to re-occurring thoughts and feelings is hardwired by body chemicals. We use specific endorphin processes with biofeedback to break this wiring and re-link supportive ones.

Refocus™ – Constant re-directing of your focus on self love and ease and success instead of being focussed on what’s wrong

For some of the modules on offer please check the workshop listings. A full program is available by contacting

What participants have said:

Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing retreat. I loved it. I am still processing all the changes I experienced in those five days. I think you are both so special and I have come to love you both very much. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do - I am looking forward to the next retreat P.W.

That was quite some retreat! You created a wonderful environment for the process of change. Safe and loving and intelligent. Thank you. S.T.

Thanks again for an amazing retreat, it has really given me the confidence to pursue my own dreams and hearts desires. I feel so happy. Love, hugs and kisses to you both. N.P.

It was a great retreat, if challenging at times but I felt really good after it. It's so great to get the chance to work with people who really "get" what breathwork is all about. W.M.

The retreat was everything I had hoped for, and more. I am gradually adjusting to life beyond it by taking things slowly and letting things happen at their own pace. It was wonderful to see how you and Lera worked so well together. With Lera I always felt that there was much that she knew and used which I had only ever glimpsed, and that I was being carefully watched, along with everyone else. And that helped me to feel very, very safe. With you I always felt like there was a plan, a course and an intelligence which I could respect, and that I could act and react in any way as part of my process without you taking it personally or diverting from ensuring that the lessons of the day were experienced. I loved the structure of the 5 days, and that each day was only explained as we got to it. On Friday evening I had no idea how I was ever going to reacclimatise myself to the outside world, and yet, as I burned the rubber, screeching out of the yard at the end, I was more real than I can ever remember. M.W.

I am still ‘feeling the love’– thank you for creating and holding such a safe and loving space J.D.

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